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December 31, 2010: Los Angeles Times
Childhood obesity can begin as early as 9 months of age, researchers find

December 30, 2010:
Pausing video games can save your child's health

December 29, 2010: Reuters
Pollutants in Boys' blood ties to lower growth

December 29, 2010: CNN Health
First lady: Let's work together to reverse childhood obesity

December 27, 2010: WebMD
Cow Milk Formula Leads to Quicker Weight Gain in Infants

December 24, 2010: Reuters
Little screening of kids of obesity complications

December 17, 2010: Reuters
Meal Replacements don't help obese teens slim down

December 17, 2010: The Financial
Most Americans Balk at Federal Control of Public Schools Nutrition

December 15, 2010: US News and World Report
Starting school early may keep girls thin

December 14, 2010: HealthDay News
Obesity Rising Across All Income Levels: CDC

December 14, 2010:
More states let students opt out of P.E. classes

December 13, 2010: Food
Sugar and Fat Reduction Easier than Salt for Children's food: Study

December 13, 2010: Food Safety News
President to Sign Landmark Child Nutrition Bill

December 13, 2010:
Kids will eat low-sugar cereal

December 9, 2010: Bloomberg Businessweek
Grades in High School Might Influence Adult Health

December 8, 2010: Las Vegas Review-Journal
House passes Titus bill on weekend meals

December 8, 2010: Los Angeles Times
Kids eating: Parents don't hold much influence over kids' eating

December 8, 2010:
Only 1 in 3 parents say families have healthful diet

December 8, 2010: Reuters
Girls who walk, bike to school do better in tests

December 7, 2010: HealthDay News
Teens' Poor Health Linked to Fewer Friends

December 6, 2010:
16 minutes of exercise separates fit, unfit kids

December 2, 2010: The New York Times
Congress approves child nutrition bill

December 2, 2010: Politico
Michelle Obama's nutrition bill derailed

December 1, 2010: Time Healthland
More Muppets? The new 'superfoods'want kids to eat healthy

November 30, 2010:
Get the white out of babies first foods, pediatrician says

November 30, 2010: The New York Times
Sports Training has Begun for Babies and Toddlers

November 30, 2010: The Hill - Healthwatch
House to vote on childhood nutrition bill Wednesday

November 29, 2010: ABC News - Good Morning America
Parents Concerned About Babies' Weight

November 29, 2010: The New York Times
Head out for a daily dose of green space

November 29, 2010: Bloomberg BusinessWeek
Kids who eat fruits, veggies may cut heart risk

November 29, 2010: Reuters
Skipping breakfast may not enlarge a kids' lunch

November 28, 2010: HealthDay News
School Vending Machines Undermine Student Nutrition

November 23, 2010: Reuters
School lunch programs might break poverty cycle

November 23, 2010: The Wall Street Journal
School, Homework, Pump Iron

November 22, 2010: The Palm Beach Post News
More veggies equal more 'brain power', first lady tells kids at Miami school

November 22, 2010: American Express Open forum
Why local sourcing is a winner for food source companies

November 21, 2010: The Commercial-News
Cheap Food has its Salad Days

November 21, 2010: HealthDay News
Scientists spot genes tied to puberty, body fat in girls

November 19, 2010: Los Angeles Times
Waist size says alot about kids' health

November 19, 2010: Reuters
Moms' mealtime tactics tied to kids' eating habits

November 17, 2010:
We're still too low on fruit, vegetable consumption

November 16, 2010:
Teen who lost weight included in new national registry

November 15, 2010: The Columbus Dispatch
Schools weigh sensitive subject of measuring students' body-mass index

November 17, 2010: NYC Health
Food Stamp Users Received More than $200,000 in Coupons for Fresh Produce through the City's Health Bucks Program at Farmers' Markets this Season

November 15, 2010: The Columbus Dispatch
Schools weigh sensitive subject of measuring students' body-mass index

November 12, 2010:
Report: U.S. government food program needs improving

November 12, 2010: CNN U.S.
Mayor vetoes San Francisco ban on Happy Meals with toys

November 11, 2010: HealthDay News
Many kids skipping meals, snacking instead

November 11, 2010:
Overweight kids often eat healthy foods

November 10, 2010: Orlando Sentinel
Congress has power to keep kids healthy

November 10, 2010: Orlando Sentinel
Congress has power to keep kids healthy

November 10, 2010: Orlando Sentinel
Congress has power to keep kids healthy

November 9, 2010: WebMD
Obese Teens at Risk for Severe Adult Obesity

November 9, 2010: USA Today
Fast-food survey: Nearly all kids' meals high in salt,calories

November 8, 2010: USA Today
Overweight children show more signs of stress

November 8, 2010: Reuters
Study shows U.S. kids seeing more fast-food ads

November 5, 2010: The New York Times
Nutrition and the School Lunch Line

November 4, 2010: HealthDay News
U. S. Government Food Program Needs Improving: Report

November 2, 2010: Reuters
Obesity programs little help for black girls

November 2, 2010: Los Angeles Times
San Francisco bans Happy Meals

November 1, 2010: The Morning Call
Weight-loss guide for families

November 1, 2010: Reuters
Sweet drinks widely available in schools: Study

October 31, 2010:
New program in Shawsville to combat childhood obesity

October 27, 2010: HealthDay News
Children with ADHD Symptoms at Higher Risk of Obesity

October 27, 2010: HealthDay News
Parent-Only Programs Can Help Obese Kids Lose Weight - Study

October 26, 2010:
Charity targets obesity in kids

October 25, 2010: Bloomberg Businessweek
Arteries of Obese Kids Aging Prematurely: Study

October 25, 2010: Let's Move!
Our Fall Golden Harvest

October 22, 2010: HealthDay News
Counseling for New Moms Can Sway Kids Eating Habits

October 18, 2010:
NYC program helps teens lose weight

October 18, 2010: Hartford
Trinity Students Win Contest with App to Fight Child Obesity

October 15, 2010: HealthDay News
Even a Little Weight Loss Helps Lower Blood Pressure in Obese Kids

October 15, 2010: Los Angeles Times
A child's waist size may be the best forecaster of adult risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes

October 14, 2010: Womens
Genetics Linked to Raised Risk of Childhood Obesity

October 13, 2010: HealthDay News
Nearly 1 in 5 W. Va. 5th Graders May Have High Blood Pressure

October 12, 2010: Los Angeles Times
Not-too-impressive results on the effect of menu labeling

October 12, 2010: USA Today
You can lead kids to healthy food, but can psychology make them eat it?

October 8, 2010: The Daily Stamford
KIDS' Nutrition Program Wins Grant

October 7, 2010: The Baltimore Sun
Pediatrician has prescription to fight obesity

October 5, 2010: Bloomberg
Batali Enlists Bourdain, Tucci to Battle Kids' Obesity, Cancer

October 4, 2010: Chicago Tribune
Chicago chefs spice up schools' new push for healthy eating

October 4, 2010: Los Angeles Times
Panel seeks to use L.A.'s abundance of fresh food in fight against childhood obesity

October 4, 2010: USA Today
IBM program shows 'cash for chunkers' pays dividends

October 3, 2010: Progressive Grocer
Produce consumption on the rise in youngsters

October 1, 2010: HealthDay News
U.S. kids filling up on "empty calories,' Study finds

October 1, 2010: FOOD
High trans-fat diet linked with overwieght children: Study

September 30, 2010: The Washington Post
Child nutrition bill stalls in House

September 27, 2010: WebMD
Health-Conscious Teens Like Sports Drinks

September 24, 2010: The New York Times
Told to Eat Its Vegetables, America Orders Fries

September 24, 2010:
Secret to teen health, happiness; Sports

September 20, 2010: National Public Radio (NPR)
Calif. Teens Get More Gastric Bands

September 20, 2010: USA TODAY
Cold strain linked to obesity in children

September 17, 2010: HealthDay News
Poor diet, Inactivity May Lead to Metabolism-Induced Asthma

September 17, 2010: Reuters
Family meals' fact-fighting effects vary by race

September 13, 2010: WebMD
Children's exercise declines over time: Study

September 9, 2010: HealthDay News
Most American Still Not Eating Enough Fruits, Veggies

September 9, 2010:
Alarms on youth obesity in Massachusetts

September 8, 2010: The New York Times
Michelle Obama asks Congress to Join Childhood Obesity Fight

September 6, 2010: CNN Health
Study: Lack of Sleep for babies and toddlers may increase obesity risk

September 1, 2010: HealthDay News
Sleep-Deprived Teens eat more fat, Study finds

September, 2010: Healthier Kids, Brighter Futures
Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

August 30, 2010: San Francisco Chronicle
What's the Value of Home-Grown Food?

August 26, 2010:
Hospital Program Focuses on Healthy Eating Habits in Kids

August 23, 2010: Rural Community Building
Chefs move to schools: better school food one bite at a time

August 18, 2010: The Christian Science Monitor
Schools find creative ways to make food healthier

August 18, 2010: The Vancouver Sun
Survey: Obesity is considered the top health problem for youths

August 17, 2010: WebMD
Overweight kids risk weak bones, diabetes

August 15, 2010: The Los Angeles Times
California study looks at racial differences in childhood obesity

August 14, 2010: HealthDay News
Walking to school may help lower children's blood pressure, stress

August 12, 2010: KMEG-TV (Sioux City, Iowa)
Iowa law gives students healthier lunch menus

August 12, 2010: The New York Times
Doctors prescribe veggies to fight childhood obesity

August 11, 2010: United Press International
Good child nutrition takes a village

August 8, 2010: KOB-TV (New Mexico)
Las Cruces grocery store expermient provokes healthier purchases

August 5, 2010: United Press International
Mentors helped teens keep weight off

August 5, 2010: The Wall Street Journal
A Dozen Eggs for $8? Michael Pollan Explains the Math of Buying Local

July 28, 2010: National Public Radio
Teen obesity is linked to later social, economic problems

July 26, 2010: Modesto Bee
Mobile wellness van brings nutritious meals to children

July 26, 2010:
Children and nature initiative aims to reduce youth obesity

July 16, 2010: Center for Science in the Public Interest
Should Taxpayers Subsidize Soda?

July 16, 2010: The Rodale Institute
Three-part series on the movement to make school food better:
Part 1-Changing What America's Students Eat, School by School
Part 2-Schools Seek Leverage Points to Fresher Foods
Part 3-School Food Change Give Rural Areas New Hope

July 15, 2010:  HealthDay News
Too Many Tots Watching Too Much TV

July 15, 2010:  Los Angeles Times
Should Obese Children Be Put in Foster Care?

July 14, 2010: The Huffington Post
The Fight Over Food Deserts: Corporate America Smacks Its Way Down

July 13, 2010:  HealthDay News
Program Teaches Parents How to Nurture Healthy Eaters

July 9, 2010:  HealthDay News
U.S. Report on Kids' Health Brings Mixed Results

July 8, 2010: The Huffington Post
As American as Apple Pie: Policies that Protect Health

July 5, 2010:  HealthDay News
Too Much Screen Time Can Threaten Attention Span

July 2, 2010:  Wayne Roberts
Wayne Roberts' secret retirement recipe for successful food policy councils

July 1, 2010:  United States Dept. of Agriculture
USDA Finalizes Ground Beef Standards for School Lunch and Nutrition Programs

July 2010:  USDA Economic Research Service
Taxing Caloric Sweetened Beverages: Potential Effects on Beverage Consumption, Calorie Intake, and Obesity

June 30, 2010:  The San Francisco Chronicle
National Council Reports Back Sustainable Food

June 30, 2010:  The Los Angeles Times
Black and Latino Males Twice as Likely To Have Poor Health

June 29, 2010:  The Wall Street Journal
Pediatric Hypertension Becomes Bigger Health Care Issue

June 29, 2010:  USDA

June 29, 2010:
Fewer Hungry Children Getting Free Summer Meals

June 29, 2010:  HealthDay News
Obesity Rates Jump in 28 States, Report Shows

June 29, 2010:  The Tennessean
Veggie Project Expands to Fight Childhood Obesity

June 28, 2010:  HealthDay News
Kids With Coordination Disorder More Likely to Be Overweight

June 28, 2010:  United Press International
Study: Too Much Sugar in Toddler Foods

June 27, 2010:  Bloomberg Businessweek
School-Based Efforts May Help Curb Obesity in High-Risk Kids

June 25, 2010:  Reuters
Teens who snack may weigh less

June 23, 2010:  Orlando Sentinel
Florida hospital creates central hub for treating obesity

June 22, 2010:  HealthDay News
Cavities in Baby Teeth May Come From Poor Food Choices

June 21, 2010:  Grassroots International
You Are What You Eat: The Food Sovereignty Struggle with the Global Justice Movement

June 21, 2010:  Chicago Tribune
Cartoons influence children's snack preferences

June 20, 2010:  HealthDay News
'Junk Food' Sugar May Help Some Fat Cells Proliferate

June 15, 2010:  Scientific American
How to get more bicyclists on the road

June 15, 2010:  Reuters
U.S. food guidelines should focus on fat, panel says

June 15, 2010:  USDA
2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans Released

June 15, 2010:  Reuters
Teen boys can chow down 2,000 calories just for lunch

June 13, 2010:  Associated Press
Sebelius stumps for anti-childhood obesity plan

June 10, 2010:  Reuters
Moms' full-time work tied to childhood obesity

June 7, 2010:
Family violence linked to childhood obesity

June 3, 2010:  HealthDay News
Safe neighborhoods can help fight childhood obesity

June 2010:  Trust for America's Health
F as in Fat: How Obesity Threatens America's Future

May 25, 2010:  Farm to Fork
An Elementary Lunch

May 20, 2010:  Farm to Fork
Lunch Debate Moves From Cafeterias to Congress

May 17, 2010:  USAID
Feed the Future initiative address global hunger and food security

May 17, 2010:  USDA Economic Research Service
Local food systems: Concepts, impacts and issues

May 13, 2010:  WebMD (free registration)
Overweight children have worse lipid profiles

May 11, 2010:  Los Angeles Times
Home economic classes could be a potent weapon in the war against obesity

May 11, 2010:  Reuters
Affluence is linked to heart rate recovery in heavy children

May 11, 2010:  WebMD
Michelle Obama's Plan to End Childhood Obesity Epidemic

May 10, 2010:  Farm to Fork
USDA Foods Help Schools, Farmers

May 10, 2010:  Center for American Progress
How the health care reform law will help prevent and reduce childhood obesity

May 9, 2010:  Houston Chronicle
Federal official: Childhood obesity is everybody's problem

May 8, 2010:  Vail Daily
Colorado School District's menu gets refreshed

May 7, 2010:  Education Week
CDC analysis suggests P.E. can boosts students learning

May 4, 2010:  Smart Planet
Can U.S. farm produce food without relying heavily on fossil fuels?

May 4, 2010:  Medical news today
Mindless Eating:  Why We Eat More Than We Think

May 4, 2010:  Medical news today
Obese Children More Likely To Be Bullied, Regardless of Gender, Race, Socioeconomic Status And Social Skills    

May 4, 2010:  Medical news today
Are Obese Adolescents Too Young For Bariatric Surgery?   

May 4, 2010:  Medical news today
Doctor Still Not Giving Much Healthy Eating Advice To Their Adult Obese Patients      

May 4, 2010:  Medical news today
Interventions Needed To Reduce Bullying Of Obese Children, U-M Researchers Say         

May 3, 2010:  Medical news today
Adverse Outcomes Associated With Obesity And More Applicable Measures Of Obesity

May 3, 2010:  HealthDay
Obesity A Bigger Threat to Kids in Southern States

April 30, 2010:  New Mexico Wellness Coalition
Physical Activity At School Can Improve Academic Performance

April 30, 2010:  Santa Fe New Mexican.Com
Congress Should Get Behind Healthy Meals  

April 28, 2010:  San Fernando Valley Sun
Doctor, Health Care Pals Start Child Obesity Pilot [YEah!]                   

April 27, 2010:  Time.Com
Childhood Obesity and Diabetes:  Two Sides of the Same Coin

April 23, 2010:  The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
An Overview of the Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act            

April 23, 2010:  Mission:  Readiness
Too Fat to Fight:  Military Leaders Call on Congress to Pass a Strong Child Nutrition Reauthorization Bill        

April 23, 2010:  The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
FIT Kids Bill Passes in House    

April 23, 2010:  Institute of Medicine
Bridging the Evidence Gap in Obesity Prevention: A Framework to Inform Decision Making
April 23, 2010:  National Policy and Legal Analysis Network (NPLAN)
Model Local Obesity Prevention Resolution        

April 20, 2010:  Behavior Health News Service
Parents Can Help Overweight Kids With Body Image

April 20, 2010:  The New York Times
Pushing Pedals, Not Budgets          

April 20, 2010:  PolicyLink
U.S. Senator Kirstin Gillibrand Announces National Healthy Food Financing Initiative

April 19, 2010:  Atlanta Business Chronicle
Study: Heavy children at risk for bad arteries

April 16, 2010:  HealthDay News
Obesity epidemic may cut life spans of youth adults          

April 14, 2010:  New Mexico State Legislature
NM House Bill 44:  Health Education Is Now A Graduation Requirement in New Mexico 

April 14, 2010:  Great Streets Albuquerque
The Albuquerque Neighbor’s Guide to Pedestrian-friendly Streets
April 13, 2010:  EquityBlog
Highlights From The White House Obesity Summit

April 14, 2010:  Office of the Surgeon General
Surgeon General’s Vision For A Healthy and Fit Nation—2010     
April 9, 2010:  The White House Blog
Childhood Obesity Summit               

April 8, 2010:  HealthDay
Managing Type 1 Diabetes Can Stress Teens          

April 8, 2010:  National Center for Safe Routes to School
U.S. Travel Data Show Decline In Walking And Bicycling To School Has Stabilized

April 5, 2010:  USA Today
Your Health:  School Lunch Debate Is In Session      

April 5, 2010:  The New York Times
A Tax To Combat America’s Sugary Diet

April 5, 2010:  The New York Times
Q & A:  Transportation Secretary on Biking, Walking and ‘What Americans Want’     

April 4, 2010:  The New York Times
Healthy, And Safe, School Lunches       

April 3, 2010:
Healthy Food Void May Feed Obesity:  Study Points To Lack of Grocery Stores in Poor Neighborhoods                

April 1, 2010:  Chicago Tribune
Obesity Risks Start Before Birth

March 23, 2010:  BBC News
Last Supper ‘Has Been Super-Sized’, Say Obesity Experts                

March 22, 2010:  Santa Fe New Mexican.Com
San Ildefonso Pueblo Revitalizes Community Farm Tradition

March 15, 2010:  U.S. Federal Highway Administration
Policy Statement on Bicycle and Pedestrian Accommodation Regulations and Recommendations

January 22, 2010:  The Huffington Post
School Gardens Across the Country and a Resource List for Starting Your Own



September 12, 2011: HealthDay
Psychosocial variables affect weight loss in children

September 12, 2011: HealthDay
Psychosocial variables affect weight loss in children

September 1, 2011: The Hill's HealthWatch
President Obama launches anti-obesity month

August 30, 2011:
FoodCorps Sprouts to tackle Childhood Obesity

August 15, 2011:
Drug abuse, Obesity Top list of kids' Health Concerns

August 1, 2011: Reuters
No need to fast before kids' cholesterol testing

July 28, 2011:
Teens eat more junk food if its handy

July 26, 2011:
The kids are All Right at Whole Foods

July 18, 2011: Reuters
Heavy teens need more health talks

July 14, 2011: WCBD TV, Charleston SC
2 Your Health: LouiesKids come east of the Cooper

July 15, 2011: Los Angeles Times
New regulations for U.S. food, beverage advertising toward children

July 13, 2011:
New Mass. school food rules bans sweets snacks

July 12, 2011: Health Behavior News Service
Teen Weight began to rise in 1990's, new study finds

July 8, 2011: Reuters
No point in telling parents about kids weight?

July 7, 2011: Blogs
Obesity is getting bigger in the United States

July 7, 2011: ABC Radio Australia
US study on cutting rates of Pacific childhood obesity

July 6, 2011: USA Today
GOP pushes back on effort to limit kids' food ads

July 6, 2011: HealthDay
Urban, low-income kids more likely to walk or bike to school

July 4, 2011: Reuters
Mom's diet not tied to to kids heart health:study

June 29, 2011: Let's Move!
Athletes get 800 campers moving

June 28, 2011: The Telegraph
Eating for Two Risks harm to the Baby

June 27, 2011: Reuters
TV Junk-food ads do boost kids' appetites: study

June 14, 2011: US News and World Report
Young Girls May Lose Sleep Over Pressure to Be Thin

June 12, 2011: The Tennessean
Obesity Task Force Hails New Laws Aimed at Kids

June 7, 2011: MSN Health
Too Much Weight Gain in Pregnancy linked to chubby babies

June 6, 2011: AAP Smart Brief
Feeding babies on demand may help stave off obesity

June 3, 2011: HealthDay
Having more toys may boost exercise levels in kids

June 2, 2011:
Children eat more veggies if given choice

May 31, 2011:
UCLA study finds 1.3M teens have no PE

May 31, 2011: TECHNOLOGY News
Video games can aid child weightloss - study

May 24, 2011: The Washington Post
Food makers resist lawmakers' proposal guidelines in marketing to children

May 24, 2011: Contra Costa Times
'Play First' lunch gaining ground in Pleasanton School District

May 19, 2011: Santa Cruz Sentinel
Fitness for Life aims at healthier future: Pajaro Valley after-school program inspires active lifestyles

May 18, 2011: Los AngelesTimes
Obesity increases risk of psoriasis

May 10, 2011: The West Australian
Obese kids at risk of adult depression

May 6, 2011: The Wall Street Journal
Study: Anti-Obesity Program Works Best in Youngest Kids

April 26, 2011: The Wall Street Journal
Out Front in the Fight on Fat

April 21, 2011: U.S. News and World Report
U.S. Parents Want Kids More Active During School Day: Poll

April 8, 2011: Food Safety News
School Gardens to Grow Under New USDA Project

April 6, 2011:
Child obesity result of rational decisions

April 6, 2011: The Washington Post
Teenage weight is tied to heart disease in adulthood

April 6, 2011: Los Angeles Times
Is the National School Lunch Program to blame (in part) for the rise in childhood obesity?

April 5, 2011:
New York City to consider banning fast-food toys

April 1, 2011: Reuters
Painful, itchy skin linked to obesity in kids

March 28, 2011: Los Angeles Times
Parents may be an essential component of their children's weight loss

March 23, 2011: HealthDay News
Many obese moms and kids underestimate their weight

March 22, 2011: HealthDay News
Poor diet linked to early sign of heart risks in obese kids

March 20, 2011: Los Angeles Times
Let's Move! Can it make kids healthier?

March 21, 2011: The Washington Post
Parenting an Overweight Child can be Difficult

March 15, 2011: The Oval
Obama to mayors: Childhood obesity 'weighing down your budgets'

March 14, 2011:
$4.9 Million Awarded to U-M to Help Reduce Obesity in Preschool Children

March 8, 2011:
Health Groups Hope "Hungry Caterpillar" Will Help Fight Fat

March 7, 2011: The Huntsville Times
Fourth-graders learn healthy eating and exercise tips at Kids in the Kitchen

March 7, 2011: HealthDay News
Video Games that Make Kids Move Burn Calories

March 4, 2011:
A lesson to live by: Preschools partner with hospital on healthy eating

March 2, 2011: CNN Politics
Helping schools fight childhood obesity with new $$

March 1, 2011:
Statewide survey examines kids' health and well-being

February 28, 2011: Food Safety News
Helping Kids Opt for Healthy Food at School

February 25, 2011: HealthDay News
Breast-Feeding May Cut Obesity Risk in Kids of Diabetic Moms

February 25, 2011: HealthDay News
Family Dog Might Make Teens More Active

February 11, 2011: HealthDay News
Overweight Kids Who Exercise Improve Thinking, Math Skills: Study

February 10, 2011: National Public Radio (NPR)
First Lady making strides one year into 'Let's Move'

February 8, 2011: Los Angeles Times
Childhood obesity is 'very serious' problem in California, poll finds

February 8, 2011: Reuters
Program helps obese kids weight off long-term

February 8, 2011: ABCNews/Health
Do Fatty, Processed Foods Lower Children's IQ?

February 8, 2011:  Boston
Coalition sees growing appetite for exercise, nutrition initiatives

February 7, 2011:  U.S. News and World Report
Community has a role in health of low-income kids

February 7, 2011:  Reuters
Starting solid food earlier linked to obesity risk

February 6, 2011:  The New York Times
Restaurant Nutrition Draws Focus of First Lady

February 4, 2011:  Los Angeles Times
Children's body mass index rises the longer mom works

February 4, 2011:  Reuters
Mom's age linked to newborn's size

February 3, 2011:  U.S. News and World Report
Kids' Rising Obesity Rates Due To Bad Habits, Not Genes: Study

February 1, 2011:  WebMD
Tonsil Removal May Lead to Weight Gain

January 31, 2011:  Reuters
New Diet Guidelines Say Eat More Fruit, Less Salt

January 31, 2011:  Tinley Park Patch
It's Not Your Regular School Bus, It's Tumblebus

January 31, 2011:  USA Today
No Time to Weight: Experts Offer Tips on Combating Childhood Obesity

January 28, 2011:  USA Today
First Lady: Army Health Initiative May Be a Model for Fitness and Nutrition

January 25, 2011:  U.S. News and World Report
Changing Parental Behavior May Help Obese Kids Lose Weight

January 25, 2011:  Los Angeles Times
Young children know what they like to eat--but it could be full of fat, salt and sugar

January 24, 2011:  CNN Health
Catching up on Z's could curb kids' weight

January 21, 2011:  Reuters
WHO recommends food marketing curbs for child obesity

January 19, 2011:  Los Angeles Times
'Healthy' Kids' Foods usually aren't, study finds

January 19, 2011:  York Daily
Obesity in York County: Reshaping today's youth

January 18, 2011:  Reuters
Internet time tied to teen depression symptoms

January 14, 2011:  HealthDay News
Overweight Young Adults Often Have Overweight Friends, Sweethearts

January 12, 2011:
Researchers recruit area women to participate in the largest U.S. study on children's health

January 12, 2011:  USA TODAY
USDA Calls for Dramatic Change in School Lunches

January 10, 2011:  HealthDay News
Sugary Drinks, Foods Might Put Teens at Risk for Heart Disease

January 5, 2011:  The New York Times
Effort to Restore Children's Play Gains Momentum

January 4, 2011:  Chicago Tribune
Children's Eating Disorders

January 3, 2011:  HealthDay News
Healthy Habits in Youth Tied to Better Adult Cholesterol Levels

January - 2011:  Today's Dietition
Small People, Big Problem - Address Infant Weight to Help Kids Avoid Future Health Problems





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